Save some time for howlin at the moon

Half the businesses are art galleries and the other half are psychics.
Half your view is red rock and the other half bright blue sky.

And if you can manage between the coyote howls and the cactus needles, you can find something very special. Something of great value. A treasure.

The treasure isn’t out in the desert, but that’s where you’ll find it. Hiding under the sand and behind the dunes of your ego.

The desert just serves as the sand paper, scraping away the build up of gunk and cleaning up the cracks you’ve accumulated through living uncritically.

Just like a beautiful piece of juniper wood covered by years of old paint, if you are diligent enough, you can get back to the blooming beautiful basics. The gorgeous natural grain that lies beneath all the outer layers and stains.

The paint fades fast, and it’s not long before you need to apply another coat. People continually take the easy way out, applying coat after coat of that useless fake exterior.

Abandon the fake shiny appearance.
Gorgeous natural grain.


2 thoughts on “Save some time for howlin at the moon

  1. We like you separated, Kyle. Burning softly, quietly.

    taste as fast as we talk
    split second ego tripping like sample-sized romance sifting
    couple up, saddle up, don’t watch the horizon too contently
    when you get close, you’re only farther away

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